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Do you need Sales and Leads from your website?

We leverage the power of paid advertising to skyrocket your

sales and leads and make your business more profitable.

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Paid Advertising doesn't have to be hard

Ads done wrong can be expensive and the results cannot be guaranteed.

Good results take experience, time and testing.


There’s an easier way

Get a partner to do the heavy lifting for you.

A group of professional marketers who will help get you started or take you to the next level in sales and leads.


We can help you take a product idea and bring it to life as a business. There's more to running a successful business than just a website and an idea.


Need help with all areas of Shopify e-commerce then get in touch. We can build your entire store or update what you already have.


Want to sell your products or services with paid ads then get in touch. Your customers are already searching on the biggest search engine in the World.


Just want to talk then book a call and see how we can help

Seven Point built the Earthingrevolution website for us and got it up and running within a short time with our first sales coming shortly after.

Jennifer Finlay - Earthing Revolution

We help you get Sales!!

We work with you to get new leads for your business or create your new e-commerce business and then get you customers using the power of Google Advertising.


If you need more customers for your business or want to build a new store that coverts then get in touch.

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  • Facebook Ads
    Facebook is. a huge source of traffic and sales for the right business with the right products. If you have a product that is popular and has good margins and you can source large quantities easily then Facebook ads are a great way to scale massively but be warned Facebook is content hungry and time intensive so the costs of running ads is much higher. Google searchers have intent to buy whereas Facebook users where not looking for your product or service so have less intent. Therefore Google will only charge you when someone clicks to your website , Facebook will charge just to show your ads to as many people as possible hoping they click. So Facebook will spend your money no matter the result , Google will try and spend your ad budget but will only charge for the clicks. Run Facebook and Google side by side and you have 2 great sources of traffic for your website. But start with 1 and get sales then once profitable think about bringing on the second platform.
  • How long does it take to see results?
    Google is a time based advertising platform and you will need to give it data before it can successfully bring you sales or leads. A lot depends on your services or products and the look and feel of your website or landing page. Very few businesses will see good sales in the first days or weeks as Google tried to determine who your ideal customers are.
  • What do I need to get started with Google Ads
    Depending on your business type there are various stages of the Google ads setup process. Do you already have a Google Ads Account, Google Merchant Centre account and Google Analytics account?
  • What can I do to make my website work properly?
    There are so many factors that make up a great website some of these include: Professional look and feel, this is your shopfront. SEO - Let Google understand your site. Good navigation - 3 clicks to get to a page or product. Clear Calls to Action- Tell the customer what to do. Good customer service - Save and sell your products. Fast Delivery Speeds and easy returns - customers love this. Trustworthy - Customers don't know you so add some trust , card icons, trust seals. Legal Pages - Keep it legit so Google and Facebook are happy. Page Speed - Try and make your site load as quickly as possible. Contact - Let the customer know they can contact you easily to build more trust.
  • I have tried Google Ads before and got no results
    Like all advertising platforms, none can guarantee that visitors to your website will purchase. We can get you the clicks but your website needs to get the sale so we will work with you to make your site as conversion friendly as possible. There are over 200 check points that could possibly lead to low or no sales so we can work through these with you to help get those visitors to buy. You need to be prepared to allocate budget to test ads with Google to see which of your products will sell and which audiences will buy. Unless your product is one of a kind and everyone wants it then you are up against your competition and the Google auction will reward you for good landing pages and good ad budgets.
  • Do I have to sign a long contract?
    No we work on a 3 month basis as we would need at least this long to get Google to start properly working and optimising. Please be prepared to allocate an amount for testing during this time and we will do our best to get you results.

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