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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know before starting with Google Ads or building a new business with Shopify?

How to use Google Ads

Here, we'll outline the main steps you need to take or understand before diving into Google Ads.

Google Ads Account

Do you already have a Google Ads account? If not, we recommend setting one up quickly using a Gmail account. With a few details added, you'll be ready to advertise or enlist someone to advertise for you.

Google Merchant 

To sell products from your online store with Google, you'll need a Google Merchant Centre account. This serves as the link between your inventory and your ad account, providing Google with information about your products and their features.


Concerns about the cost of advertising on any platform are understandable. If not managed properly, advertising costs can quickly deplete your budget. However, with the right strategy, platforms like Google, Facebook, and Pinterest can offer profitable returns on ad spend. Initial expenses are necessary to gather data and optimize sales in the long run.

Google Shopping Feed

Your Google Merchant Centre account requires a Google Shopping feed, which contains data from your store and informs Google about the products you want to sell. Setting up this feed correctly is crucial for Google to effectively promote your products to potential customers.

Tracking Codes

To monitor website traffic and track customer behavior, setting up tracking codes such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel is essential. This data allows your chosen social or traffic platform to learn about your website visitors, facilitating more targeted advertising efforts.

How much should I spend?

The amount you should spend on advertising depends on what you're selling. Testing the market and analyzing data are key steps in determining an appropriate advertising budget. For most small businesses, we recommend a minimum spend of £1000 per month to gather sufficient data and assess demand.

Why Shopify

Shopify offers a robust platform for e-commerce businesses, but advertising costs must be managed effectively to ensure profitability. Like other social advertising platforms, Shopify requires an initial investment to gather data and optimize sales over time.

How long will it take to build my store?

The timeframe for building a Shopify store varies depending on factors such as your expectations, the number of products, and additional features required. While a basic store can be completed in a few days, more complex setups may take longer. Providing high-quality imagery and descriptive content upfront streamlines the process.

What about Facebook?

Despite its popularity, Facebook Ads may not be suitable for every business. Technical expertise and creative resources are essential for running successful Facebook campaigns profitably. It's advisable to diversify your traffic sources and not rely solely on Facebook for advertising. Mixing Facebook Ads with other traffic sources, such as Google Ads, can enhance overall marketing effectiveness.

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