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Why use Shopify to run my new store?

There are many website builders available but we have extensive knowledge of Shopify. Wordpress, WIX and EKM are all solutions that can be used but each have their problems. Wordpress sites or Woocommerce can look really nice but need someone to keep updating and WIX is cheap and cheerful. Shopify has the speed and reach to just work out of the box and all the functionality to make it a quick and easy way to get a professional online presence that makes you money.

Brainstorming Session

What does my store need?

You need to have a professional looking store with great images and great copy. If y our store looks cheap then your sales will suffer. If you can't write great descriptions then consider hiring a great copywriter and if you don't have great images then consider getting a professional photo shoot done. We would recommend building your store with one of the paid Shopify themes as the free ones can work but are lacking the extra bells and whistles that make the website pop.


Should I use Google or Facebook ads?

Both Google and Facebook Ads are great ways to bring customers to your business and both have pros and cons but after spending over £500k with Facebook we can tell from your products which platform is right for you. Facebook tends to be more time consuming and costly but when it works it can scale to the skies. Google tends to be less time consuming and can get better Return on ad spend.


Product studio shots or lifestyle model shots we can arrange a shoot with one of our professionals to get your products ready for sale.


All businesses need to email, we can help you setup your email sequences using our preferred Klaviyo


We will work with you to help design a professional converting web store.


We can help you choose a shipping partner and get you setup to deliver to the World

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